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Ajos windfarm (Finland)

Wind Farms

Conscious of the preservation of the environment and trying to make the least possible impact, COYDE seeks sustainability and constant improvement of the quality of the services offered, which allows us to support our integrated management system.

The development of renewable energies is considered as a fundamental need for the sustainability of today's society due to the exponential growth of energy consumption. COYDE contributes this development by participating in projects of solar photovoltaic and wind energy plants.

We highlight the wind farms as a hallmark of our identity, as we have participated in numerous projects of great relevance, both on the mainland, and on the high seas, in Spain and in the Nordic countries, achieving yields that make us specialists in these works and obtaining the certification to assemble the systems of the leading companies in the world wind, Siemens, Vestas and Nordex.

  • Ajos windfarm (Finland)
  • Lapua windfarm (Finland)

Coyde is able now
to certify
and assemble
Vestas’ equipment!