• Efficiency and effectiveness
Kreate K-Kampus, Kalasatama (Finland)


COYDE has extensive experience in the construction and maintenance of:

  • • Roads
  • • Bridge
  • • Tunnels
  • • Railways
  • • Pors
  • • Airports
  • • Drainage works

Our experience and technical capacity allow us to address global construction projects from the phases of excavation and earth movements to the execution of structures and pavements, through the realization of bases and drainages. In the development and execution of viaducts, tunnels, railway tracks or any other complex infrastructure that requires its design, COYDE applies efficient and effective systems of work, as well as the most advanced technologies to optimize the behavior of the road from the structural point of view and guarantee the adequate level of service to the user

  • Formwork installation Lahti bridge (Finland)
  • Lansimetro LU-RU 11 Espoo (Finland)

Coyde is able now
to certify
and assemble
Vestas’ equipment!


To ensure compliance with the regulations
on prevention, we collaborate with
the following companies: