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High-speed railway


For Coyde, an increasingly globalized world provides a complex working environment. That is why we consider the consolidation and expansion of our international presence to be a central part of our development and growth strategies.

Our philosophy is based on sustainable growth, high quality work, the use of technology and the experience of our professionals. We have the capacity to put into practice the most advanced and innovative techniques in the realisation of our projects, and we take care of all the aspects of a construction project, from engineering to building, as well as the administrative processes concerning construction procurement.

Helsinki Subway (Finland)

Coyde carries out civil engineering, building construction and industrial construction projects on an international level. We have a great deal of experience in all kinds of civil and building construction projects as well as transport infrastructure such as tunnels, motorways, roads and railways (including high-speed railways)./p>

It is worth highlighting that we also handle projects related to renewable energy: combined cycle power plants, dams, wind farms and photovoltaic power plants.

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Coyde is able now to certify
and assemble VestasÂ’ equipment!