Coyde is able now to certify and
assemble Vestas, Nordex
and Siemens equipment!


To ensure compliance with the regulations
on prevention, we collaborate with
the following companies:


Thank you for trusting Coyde! Our team consists of 300 professionals with a wide range of experience in civil engineering and infrastructure.

You can count on us for all your civil construction needs!


To meet our clients´ needs hand in hand with a multidisciplinary team of professionals.


A sustainable and cost-effective administration model that provides our clients with value added.

Planning and execution of all types of projects

We have architects, engineers, draughtsmen, to face any national and international development.

Civil works and engineering

Our experience and technical expertise allow us to address a large diversity of civil engineering projects.

The best team of professionals

We can form multidisciplinary and multitasking teams composed of the most suitable professionals to carry out each job.

Labor sphere

The countries where we develop our activity are: Spain, Sweden, Finland, Canada, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Germany and the USA.Visualize on map